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From Sea to Shining See

by Danny Kimberlin M.D.

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I want to explain a little about the project itself, the goal of this 50 year dream.

1. From Sea To Shining See will be a limited edition publication, not for profit. It will be given to a select few friends, family, and cohorts, as well as certain individuals with the influence to make a difference in the world of conservation. The remaining volumes will be offered for sale at a reduced price and all proceeds will go to conservation groups mentioned in the book. I am absorbing the entire cost of this first edition.

2. My goal for this book is that it promote the wonders of our planet and encourage people to protect them

3.There will be about 300 pages of photographs and text. It will be 12 inches square, leather bound, embossed, and printed by press on heavy, high gloss paper to the highest standards. It will be a deluxe,
coffee table book and a beautiful edition to any library.

4. This book represents 50 years of effort. It is a celebration of exploration, an example of how photography can make a powerful statement, and foremost an explanation of man’s capacity to
both harm and protect his only home. It represents an odyssey around the world,
to every state, every continent, and 91 countries. It is a labor of love.

5. The following pages represent a sample of the themes explored in the book:


Puka Puka
Gambier Islands
Dominican Rep.

To see the entire book please go to the home page.



Samples of Comments & Review


"As I perused through the photograph samples I could see that you have a passion for what you do Dr. Kimberlin.
I can't wait to see this book published and in print. This is an awesome project."
- Dee Harris, Dir. of Marketing / Patchwork Projects

"I've been a nature lover, nature photographer of sorts, and a conservationist since I was a kid. I'm impressed with the message of the book
and with your photography. I can only hope to have your talent someday." -
R. Randall Boston, VP of Sales / Micro-Pan Industries

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