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Every organism has reached this moment by threading one
needle after another, to survive against nearly impossible odds.
E.O. Wilson

There are some who believe that species diversity should be preserved, not just because it is valuable to us, but simply "because." Such people believe that each species is a creation of god and a product of millions of years of evolution, and should be respected if for no other reason. They argue that we are of the earth and must take care of our home (after all, if we can't live here, where will we go?). And too, they say that it is selfish to exploit the entire planet without regard for the future. Instead, we should be "good stewards of the earth" and consume modestly, for the sake of the next generation.

The typical person with an eco consciousness is an urban dweller of the first world, educated, and at least middle class. Basic needs are easily met so there is much time for recreational thinking. They are very much in a minority worldwide but have considerable voice and political clout (money talks). Many others genuinely lament humanity's pillaging of the planet but simply don't have the time to give it more than a passing thought as they get through their days filled with more pressing issues. Critically, the vast majority of persons on the planet do not have the luxury of even caring. For most of them just getting enough to eat is a daily struggle.


The blue and yellow macaw is truly one of nature's most beautiful creatures. Increasingly endangered from habitat loss and the pet trade, efforts are being made to restore wild populations of this magnificant bird. Research is supported by tourist dollars at such places as the Tambopata Research Center, in Peru. Ecotourism encourages the conservation of species around the world. Tourism that is not minimum impact, is not ecotourism.

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