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Late one evening in the southern Pantanal of Brazil my guide and I were hunting for the giant anteater and jaguar. It was a beautiful "autumn" sundown in April, a great time to be in this region. Lying within the Tropic of Capricorn (barely), the Pantanal technically does not experience our four seasons. Nevertheless, there is seasonal fluctuation and temperature and humidity are quite tolerable at this time of year. Sunset happens quickly at this latitude so there was a developing sense of urgency to get something done, soon, before the day ended. I still had not seen either of the two charismatic megavertebrates I had traveled so far to see. At the acme of the sun's golden glow I spotted this beautiful marsh deer in a meadow of tall grasses. I approached cautiously but he was completely unconcerned with my presence. I got to within ten feet to take this photo.


© Danny Kimberlin 2015