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For every third bite of food you eat, thank a honey bee or similar pollinator.
E.O. Wilson

Penetrating light, a delicate lattice of wildflowers, and an unobtrusive background of natural colors highlight this gorgeous butterfly. The biggest challenge of small world photography, especially if the subject has wings, is just setting up fast enough to get a shot off. These creatures are seldom still. Chasing them around with a bulky camera and tripod can be an exercise in frustration. And comedy too. And once the subject is poised in the viewfinder, foreground and background must be arranged to create the most pleasing composition. Quickly! No wonder so many bad photos are taken.

This photo was taken in the Pantanal region of Brazil, the world's largest seasonal wetland, nearly the size of France. The Pantanal is part of the huge floodplain that drains into the Paraguay River of central South America.


© Danny Kimberlin 2015