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When you get right down to it, human population growth and the disproportionate resource consumption of an expanding world middle class are the forces behind man's degradation of the planet. The conversion of more and more natural habitat to agriculture and urban sprawl drives the loss of biodiversity everywhere, even in terrain once considered marginal. The unsustainable harvest of nature's bounty by affluent nations threatens to sterilize land and sea. We have already been responsible for the early exit of many species, most we aren't even aware of. Millions more will follow as we continue to do what we've always done.

Modern man appeared on the scene some 100,000 years ago and has since come to dominate planet earth. In this brief span of time our species has multiplied and spread to every corner of the globe, even maintaining a presence in Antarctica and space. He did this initially by adapting to his environment like every other species must do. But then, about 10,000 years ago, man and his tool making genius began to change the world to suit his needs. Yikes! An agricultural revolution was born and things have never been the same.

We have also begun to understand this tiny blue orb, its genesis, and even the greater universe beyond. We understand the origin of species and their importance to the planet's life support systems. We know the balance of nature is delicate and have witnessed the dire consequences of our endless meddling with it.

We know. We know! What on earth will we do?


The struggle for life unfolds right in front of us, as in the scene above, if we just look for it. This picture was taken near our lodge, Refugio Ecologico Caiman, in the Pantanal.




© Danny Kimberlin 2015